Thursday, 7 August 2014

How to Use SoundOFF!

There are millions of smartphone users in this world and most every one is embarrassed when their phone rings in an important meeting. Never experience this awkward situation again. SoundOFF! saves you from remembering to switch your phone a dozen times a day from Ring to Vibrate or Mute before getting to work, arriving home or any place you don’t want the phone to ring.

SoundOFF! is an Android app that switches your smartphone ringer automatically according to your predefined locations and setting preferences. SoundOFF! is available at Google’s Play Store (

SoundOFF! includes the following unbeatable features: 
  • Add Location: Thanks to your phone’s built-in GPS system and Google Maps, you can search, add and save locations in SoundOFF! You can set up the range distance, from 50 to 1,500 feet, to automatically switch from Ring to Vibrate or Mute, as you arrive at the location.

  • Saved Locations: This option displays the locations you save and visit most often. On the Saved Locations screen, you can edit or delete the ring modes and any saved locations. When you tap the location name, the saved location appears on Google Maps.

  • Vital Numbers: With this valuable feature, you can designate important phone numbers you don’t want to miss. SoundOFF! will ring with a unique SOS ringtone whenever there is a call from one of your Vital Numbers, no matter your current location settings and ring preference.

  • User Defaults: Choose this option to follow Social Norms in sound-sensitive environments, such as hospitals, libraries, theaters or wherever you expect your phone to be quiet. You can specify the Default Mode ring setting for when your phone is outside any saved locations.
For more information, please visit SoundOFF! or go to Google Play to download.

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