Monday, 6 October 2014

Automate Ringer Switching with SoundOFF!

There are some moments in life that you would probably say are more embarrassing than others, such as when the phone rings in the middle of a meeting, or while at church. When such things happen, you wonder, "How could I forget to mute my phone?" And maybe you even wish that someone would create something that would automatically switch your phone’s ringer to Vibrate or Mute at such places. 

Before the advent of increasingly smart smartphones, everyone was in the same boat and had to remember to manually switch their phone’s ringers from one setting to another. Today, the world of smartphones has evolved further and now we have a wide range of mobile applications available to manage just about every conceivable phone function and option. 

SoundOFF! is the unsurpassed solution for today’s smartphone users. SoundOFF! automatically switches the phone’s ringer from Ring to Vibrate, or Mute based on saved locations. SoundOFF! has an easy-to-use user interface that makes it a favorite among its happy users. SoundOFF! lets you save an unlimited number of locations and set an appropriate ringer mode for each one. The ability to switch the phone’s ringer from Ring to Vibrate or Mute using SoundOFF! saves you from the annoyance of remembering to switch the ringer mode in places where silence is expected.  

SoundOFF!’s outstanding features: 
  • User friendly and easy to use interface
  • Automatically switches your smartphone’s ringer from Ring to Vibrate or Mute at your saved locations 
  • Easily search and save locations with a preferred ringer mode
  • Switches your phone’s ringer when you are within 50 to 1,500 feet from the saved location  
  • Social Norms will change your phone’s ringer to Vibrate at places such as a hospital, church, library, etc. 
  • Designate Vital Numbers so you hear a special SOS ring for important phone calls, even if the phone ringer is set to Vibrate or Mute 

SoundOFF! App can be downloaded for only $0.99 from the Google Play Store. Get SoundOFF! today.

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